Canine Compassion: Exploring Animal-Assisted Therapy with Barb and Carmel
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Canine Compassion: Exploring Animal-Assisted Therapy with Barb and Carmel

Explore the impact of therapy dogs in schools on student mental wellness with hosts G-Rex, Dirty Skittles, and guest Barb, as they delve into animal-assisted interventions, benefits in classrooms, and personal stories of canine companionship

Join us in this heartwarming episode as we explore the transformative impact of therapy dogs in educational settings. Discover how these furry friends contribute to student wellness and create a nurturing environment for learning and emotional growth.

**Featured Guest:** Dr. Barbara Vokatis, Associate Professor at SUNY Oneonta and seasoned educator with a focus on animal-assisted interventions.

**Highlights of the Episode:**
- **Therapeutic Benefits:** Dive into the science and stories behind how therapy dogs enhance emotional and social well-being in schools.
- **Educational Enhancement:** Learn about the practical applications of therapy dogs in classrooms, from special education to general learning environments.
- **Barbara's Journey:** Hear Dr. Vokatis' personal journey from acquiring a family pet to becoming a passionate advocate for therapy dogs in schools, featuring her golden doodle, Carmel.
- **Accessible Interventions:** Gain insights on how schools can integrate therapy dogs and the resources available for those interested in starting their programs.

**Memorable Quote:** "Therapy dogs are not just pets; they are partners in education who bring a unique comfort and joy that can transform an entire learning environment." — Dr. Barbara Vokatis
**Call to Action:** Interested in how therapy dogs can benefit your local school? Check out resources and organizations that support animal-assisted interventions.

**Resources & Links for This Episode:**
- Association of Animal-Assisted Intervention Professionals (AAAIP)
- Therapy Dogs International
- Pet Partners
- Visit Barbara's Website
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- Network with Barbara on LinkedIn

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S06E01 - Therapy Dogs in Schools: Enhancing Student Mental Wellness Through Canine Companionship



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