Surviving and Thriving: Susie's Personal Stories of Mental Health and Recovery
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Surviving and Thriving: Susie's Personal Stories of Mental Health and Recovery

Join hosts G-Rex and Dirty Skittles as they chat with Susie about her inspiring career switch from cosmetology to mental health counseling. Discover personal stories, insights on therapy, and more. Don’t miss this heartfelt conversation! Part 2 airs next week.

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Episode Highlights:
Join us for a heart-to-heart in this episode G-Rex and Dirty Skittles chat with the inspiring Susie. Susie shares her incredible journey from cosmetology to becoming a mental health counselor. Tune in for an honest conversation about personal growth, mental health, and finding new paths in life.

Note: This is a 2-part episode. Part 2 will air next week, so stay tuned!**

Key Themes:
1. Career Transformation:
- Susie talks about her switch from being a third-generation cosmetologist to pursuing mental health counseling.
- She shares how physical health issues pushed her to find a new career path where her natural counseling skills could shine.

2. Importance of Mental Health:
- The conversation highlights the evolving views on mental health, emphasizing that therapy benefits everyone.
- Susie discusses her role as a crisis counselor and the impact it has had on her understanding of mental health.

3. Personal Stories and Insights:
- Susie opens up about her struggles, including postpartum depression and a tough divorce.
- She explains how her personal experiences and a family member's mental health challenges inspired her career change.

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