Navigating Teen Mental Health: Laurie's Journey of Self-Care and Hope
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Navigating Teen Mental Health: Laurie's Journey of Self-Care and Hope

Laurie shares her journey of supporting her daughter’s mental health during COVID-19, offering valuable self-care tips and strategies for parents. Learn about her upcoming summit for moms with teens.

Join us in this uplifting episode as we chat with Laurie Moser, the inspirational founder of “Staying Active Health & Wellness.” Laurie is a dedicated advocate for moms with teens facing mental health challenges, and she brings a wealth of knowledge from her seven years of experience in the fitness industry. As a mother who has navigated similar challenges, Laurie understands the importance of self-care and community support.

Meet Laurie Moser:

- Founder of Staying Active Health & Wellness

- Advocate for moms with teens facing mental health challenges

- Offers online courses and a group support program

- Passionate about providing self-care tools and creating supportive communities for moms

Laurie's mission is to equip mothers with the tools to care for themselves and foster connections with others. Through her online courses and group support programs, she helps moms prioritize their well-being while navigating the complexities of raising teenagers with mental health challenges.

Connect with Laurie Moser:

- Website: Staying Active Health & Wellness -

- Instagram: @stayingactivelaurie -

- Facebook Group: Moms Supporting Teen Mental Health Together -

Resources Mentioned:
  • Summit: "Tools for Moms with Teens" (August 12-25)
Important Resources:

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to the 988 crisis hotline. Whether you call, text, or chat, a counselor is ready to help. Let’s break the stigma and normalize seeking help. Remember, it’s OK not to be OK—make sure you're talking to someone.

- 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline:

- Find A Helpline:

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By weaving Laurie's story with these essential resources and opportunities for engagement, this episode is informative and heartfelt, providing valuable support to our listeners.


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