Reflecting on Season 5: Transformative Conversations and Milestones
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Reflecting on Season 5: Transformative Conversations and Milestones

Join G-Rex and Dirty Skittles in the Season 5 finale as they reflect on a year of growth and milestones, featuring guest stories of resilience, healing, and self-discovery. Celebrate our 1-year anniversary, 300K downloads, and transformative conversations.

**Episode Description:**
In this special Season 5 finale of "Shit That Goes On In Our Heads," hosts G-Rex and Dirty Skittles revisit the profound conversations and significant milestones of the season. Join us as we reflect on the inspiring journeys of our guests and the lessons learned, from sobriety to self-discovery and beyond.

**Season Highlights:**
- Celebrating our 1-year anniversary and reaching 300,000 downloads
- Launching our first-ever newsletter and connecting more deeply with our audience
- Engaging in raw, vulnerable conversations with remarkable guests

**Featured Guests From Season 5:**
- **KK and Marcy**: Exploring paths to sobriety and personal resilience
- **G-Rex**: Sharing a personal journey of healing and growth
- **Andrew**: Insights on life philosophies and overcoming personal barriers
- **Mari**: Discussing the challenges and triumphs in mental health
- **Emma G**: Unveiling the power of music in storytelling and healing
- **Nikoa**: Transitioning from corporate life to personal fulfillment
- **Heather**: Embracing self-acceptance and the art of skincare as self-care
- **Ruth**: Showcasing the strength in self-advocacy and perseverance

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S05E12 - Reflecting on Season 5: Transformative Conversations and Milestones

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